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Genetic Diversity in Mycobacterium ulcerans Isolates from Ghana Revealed by a Newly Identified Locus Containing a Variable Number of Tandem Repeats
Hilty, Markus
"The molecular typing methods used so far for Mycobacterium ulcerans isolates have not been able to identify genetic differences among isolates from Africa. This apparent lack of genetic diversity among M. ulcerans isolates is indicative of a clonal population structure. We analyzed the genetic diversity of 72 African isolates, including 57 strains from Ghana, by variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) typing based on a newly identified polymorphic locus designated ST1 and the previously described locus MIRU 1. Three different genotypes were found in Ghana, demonstrating for the first time the genetic diversity of M. ulcerans in an African country. While the ST1/MIRU 1 allele combination BD/BAA seems to dominate in Africa, it was only rarely found in isolates from Ghana, where the combination BD/B was dominant and observed in all districts studied. A third variant genotype (C/BAA) was found only in the Amansie-West district. The results indicate that new genetic variants of M. ulcerans emerged and spread within Ghana and support the potential of VNTR-based typing for genotyping of M. ulcerans." Journal of Bacteriology 2006, Vol. 188, No. 4, p. 1462-1465 Available from: Journal of Bacteriology
Solid–liquid separation of faecal sludge using drying beds in Ghana
Cofie, Olufunke
This study investigated the possibility of recycling nutrients in human excreta and municipal solid waste for use in agriculture. It reports on the use of drying beds in separating solid and liquid fractions of faecal sludge (FS) so that the solids can be co-composted and the organic matter and part of the nutrients captured for urban agriculture... Water Research 2006, 40:1, pp. 75-82 Available Online from: Science Direct
Wiederverwenden statt verschwenden / Recycler au lieu de jeter
Zurbruegg, Christian
This article discusses alternative sanitation systems enabling the reuse of human waste (organic solid waste, urine, faeces) in agriculture. Case studies in Mexico, China, and Ghana illustrate how the concept of closing nutrient cycles can be succesfully implemented. Helvetas Partnerschaft 2006, Number 183, pp.16-18 Download from Helvetas: German version / French version
Sexual and Reproductive Resilience of Adolescents in Ghana and Tanzania
Pfeiffer, Constanze
Flyer of research project on "Sexual and reproductive resilience". Download