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Milk consumption patterns in an area with traditional milk production.
Hetzel, M.
Revue Africaine de Santé et de Productions Animales 3(3-4):174-177.
Potentials and Limitations of Existing Technical Alternatives on Waste and Wastewater Management in Cat Bi Ward, Haiphong City, Vietnam
Bao, Pham Ngoc
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand "This study focus on investigation in details the potential and limitations of existing technical alternatives on human excreta and domestic wastewater management in Haiphong, with a case study in Cat Bi ward, where there is a huge potential for using of onsite and decentralised sanitations for human excreta and wastewater disposal and where people having high potential of willing to pay for wastewater and sanitation fee. SWOT analysis technique has been used in the evaluation process. [...]" Download
Operational plan for small scale milk producers in peri-urban of Bamako (Mali)
Bonfoh, Bassirou
Journal of Sahelian Studies and Research (12): 7-25.
Calf mortality and parasitism in periurban livestock production in Mali
Wymann, Monica
PhD Thesis, University of Basel, Switzerland For further information please contact the author