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Déforestation et droit coutumier à Madagascar
Muttenzer, Frank
PhD Thesis, University of Geneva, Switzerland For further information please contact the author
Espaces forestiers, système de production agraire et dégradation des forêts à Madagascar
Ramamonjisoa, Bruno
"La dégradation de l'espace résiduel forestier constitue un des problèmes majeurs du développement agricole à Madagascar. Malgré l'importance de l'aide internationale dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du PNAE les forêts se sont dégradées à un rythme de 1,7% par an. Aux lacunes techniques d'encadrement paysan et l'insuffisance des connaissances sur la forêt Malgache (croissance lente, relief accidenté) ont été proposées des solutions institutionnelles qui prônent la responsabilisation des acteurs locaux dans la gestion forestière. Cet article vise à évaluer la pertinence des outils institutionnels et des concepts utilisés pour la protection des forêts à Madagascar à partir d'analyse institutionnelle et spatiale par comparaison des normes juridiques et techniques avec les pratiques réelles (analyse des filières et diagnostic technique) [...]". Terre Malgache 2005, No. 24, pp. 92-114 Download
Analysis of myths and realities of deforestation in Pakistan:
Ali, Tanvir
This paper attempts to analyze myths and realities regarding deforestation in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. It presents the perceptions of forest dependent people of the province regarding the forest use patterns, condition of forests, change in forest cover, factors responsible for the forest depletion and increase of illegal cutting. The intensive use of forest wood for household needs and ineffective forest management strategies by the forest department were some of the key reasons of deforestation in the study area. Policy guidelines are suggested for improving the effectiveness of forestry extension sevices. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 8(1):107-110. Download
Vertrauen versetzt Bäume
Geiser, Urs
Die Wälder im Nordwesten Pakistans sind bedroht. Sie überleben nur, wenn die Bevölkerung und die lokalen Behörden bei der Bewirtschaftung und beim Schutz konstruktiv zusammenarbeiten. Ein Forschungsprojekt zeigt, wie sich das schwierige Verhältnis zwischen ihnen verbessern lässt. In: KFPE: Gemeinsam zum Erfolg - Was Forschungspartnerschaften mit Entwicklungsländern bewirken. Bern: Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz (SCNAT). Download
People need education to conserve forests
Mohammed , E.
In: The Post 07.07.2010 This newspaper article deals with the workshop of PAMS "Research based policy advocacy & dialogues for sustainable forest governance" organised by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in collaboration with the NCCR North-South, held in Islamabad on 6th July 2010. Download
"Donor-driven" forest governance in northwest Pakistan - challenges and future outlook
Geiser, Urs
In sum, the present situation of forestry in NWFP is one of tension, mistrust, and the existence of unrelated forest governance regimes (customary procedures; state/donors approach). We argue (1) that more independent agents are required to mediate between state and local forest users, and (2) that local people need to be provided with the information that they are entitled to demand proper and inclusive Joint Forest Management Committees. For donors, this represents a delicate situation of choice and "positioning", i.e. defining with whom to cooperate and who to support. In: Carter J, Schmidt K, Robinson P, Stadtmüller T, Nizami A, editors. Forests, landscapes and governance: multiple actors, multiple roles. Download
Trust restores trees
Geiser, Urs
The forests in northwestern Pakistan are being threatened. They will survive only of the population and the local authorities can manage to work together constructively to solve problems. A research project shows how the difficult relationship between them can be improved. In: KFPE: Cooperating for Success – Benefits of Research Partnerships with Developing Countries. Bern: Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz (SCNAT). Download
On the road through the Bolivian Amazon: A multi-level land governance analysis of deforestation
Bottazzi, Patrick
Studies show that collective property rights are more flexible than individual rights and improve sustainable forest management. Our case study in Bolivia (Beni department) confirms this, but shows that collective rights were granted in areas unfavourable to intensive land use. Collectively held land in Andean settlements appears less affected by deforestation than individually held land. Historical analysis of the region shows that the distribution of property rights results from political processes based on economic, spatial, and environmental strategies defined by multiple stakeholders. Collective titles were distributed to remote communities with less productive potential. Land rights are thus a secondary factor in local forest cover change and result from political compromises based on population, accessibility, environmental perceptions, and expected production/extraction incomes. Bottazzi P, Dao H. Accepted. On the road through the Bolivian Amazon: A multi-level land governance analysis of deforestation. Land Use Policy 30(1):137–146. Available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264837712000440