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Assessing Soil Erosion and Conservation in the Loess Area of Faizabad Western Tajikistan
Bühlmann, Erik
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland Download
Buruli Ulcer: Rapid Assessment of the Situation in Cameroon
Studer, Anja
Master's Thesis, University of Basel, Switzerland The objective of this study was to evaluate the importance and the geographical distribution of Buruli ulcer in Cameroon on the national level: using a rapid assessment procedure, areas at risk were identified and environmental characteristics of these areas analysed.
The Fairtrade Potential of the Rubber Supply Chain in Kerala
Mokhtar, Jamil
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Sensing Soil Properties in the Upper Ewaso Ng'iro Basin by means of Reflectance Spectroscopy and GIS
Hett, Conny
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland This thesis is a proof of method study of the Soil Sensing Approach, a new approach for rapid assessment of soil properties using near-infrared spectroscopy. The study was carried out in a small tests area of ten by ten km in the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro Basin, Kenya. The topical aim was to assess soil chemical properties in relation to land cover/land use. Through application of chemometric models soil carbon and nitrogen were predicted based on their near-infrared reflectance curves. CART classification and regression trees were used for modelling the two properties. It was shown that classification trees did not perform nearly as good on the samples as the regression trees. Finally relationships between land cover/land use and soil carbon and nitrogen were assessed and soil carbon and nitrogen showed very similar results. The good results of the Soil Sensing Approach make its use possible for mapping soil carbon and nitrogen properties using satellite imagery. Download
Vulnerability Assessment of Water Resources Systems in the Eastern Nile Basin to Environmental Factors
Abd El-Moghny, Mohamed
Master's Thesis, Cairo University, Egypt "A situation analysis with regard to the vulnerability of water resources systems in the Eastern Nile Basin was carried out. The focus was on using internationally recognized indicators and indices that can provide an insight about the situation in the region in a concise and illustrative fashion. A generic operational framework for assessing vulnerability of water systems was outlined and applied to the Eastern Nile Basin. Based on a careful survey, a list of 31 indicators used for vulnerability assessment were identified and categorized according to an outlined categorical structure designed to separate hydrological and physical indicators from other indicators of socio-economic or political nature. [...]" Download
Verhaltensbestimmende Faktoren der Abfall-Trennung in Santiago de Cuba
Soland, Martin
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland The MSc thesis describes a model that was developed to accuratly predict the waste segregation behaviour of individuals in Santiago de Cuba, allowing specific target oriented intervention actions to promote social responsible waste segregation practices. Download
Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Organic Waste Management Practices in a Peri-urban Community
Swar, Aung Kyaw
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand This study attempted to determine the health risks from the organic waste management practices in Tha Klong municipality, Pathumthani province, Thailand. Download
Institutional Framework of Urban Environmental Sanitation in Hanoi
Bucher, Isabelle
Master's Thesis, Graduate Institute of Development Studies (iuéd), Geneva, Switzerland This thesis describes the legal and institutional framework related to urban environmental sanitation in Hanoi, Vietnam. It analyses recent changes as well as potentials and limitations. Download
Reuse and Recycle of Bio-residue (percolate) from Constructed Wetland Treating Septage
Hadsoi, Sukon
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand "The prime objective of this research is to investigate the suitability of percolate from constructed wetland (CW) treating septage in agricultural application with the specific focus on determination of appropriate application ratio of percolate on sunflower plantation and crop yields." Download
Evaluation de la gestion communautaire des boues de vidange dans la Commune d’Arrondissement de Sahm-Notaire, Ville de Guédiawaye- Région de Dakar-Sénégal
Kassa, Mvoubou Félicien
Master's Thesis, Ecole Inter-Etats d’Ingénieurs de l’Equipement Rural de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Download
Les associations de pré-collecte des déchets à Ouagadougou, les cas de Wogodogo et Nonssin
Jean Richard, Raphael
Master's Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland "La gestion des ordures ménagères dans le contexte africain et burkinabé manque d'organisation et de coordination, car le secteur des déchets solides n'est pas considéré comme prioritaire. Pourtant, les déchets présentent un risque réel pour la santé et l'environnement. Le Centre Régional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement (CREPA) a appuyé avec un soutien financier, technique et formatif des associations de quartier qui souhaitaient améliorer leur cadre de vie. Cette étude s'est penchée sur les deux premières associations assistées par l'Institution à Ouagadougou en 1993 et 1994. [...]" Download
The Clean Development Mechanism
Lüthi, Christoph
Master's Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland Master's thesis on the current Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and its effect on promotion of sustainable environmental sanitation improvements at decentralised level. The transaction costs and risks associated with the CDM have shown to favour large centralised projects. Though many decentralised projects contribute significantly to increasing sustainable development, they cannot compete with large centralised projects on emission reductions at lowest cost. The study assesses the viability of selected case studies and suggests approaches to enhance decentralised CDM projects. Download
The Role of NGOs in Preventing and Managing Conflicts Resulting from Water Resources Development in Ethiopia
Bonzi, Rea
Master's Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland "This thesis deals with the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in preventing and managing conflicts arising from water development projects in Ethiopia. It seeks to find out development organization’s comprehension of a conflict, their perception of their role in a conflict setting and their relationship to other organizations. Besides a descriptive part, the thesis also examined reasons seeking to explain the success or failure of NGOs’ efforts in conflict prevention. [...]" Download Summary
Contribution à l’amélioration du système de gestion des ordures ménagères dans la commune de Fatick au Sénégal
Ndong, Ndiogou
Master's Thesis, Ecole Inter-Etats d’Ingénieurs de l’Equipement Rural de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso "Cette étude a été faite dans le cadre du Projet d’Appui aux Collectivités Locales (PACOL) du Centre Régional pour l’Eau Potable et l’Assainissement (CREPA) dans la commune de Fatick au Sénégal. Elle propose des éléments d’ordre organisationnel et technique contribuant à la mise en place de stratégies pour une amélioration de la gestion des ordures ménagères dans la Commune. [...]" Download
Características sociales, económicas y culturales que influyen en la adopción de métodos de innovación
Camargo López, Carmen Lucila
Master's Thesis, Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia Concretamente se realizo un estudio acerca de las características sociales, económicas y culturales, que influyen en la difusión y adopción de la innovación SODIS en familias de distritos de Cochabamba, Potosí, Oruro y Santa Cruz. Download
Livelihood Strategy and Occupational Vulnerability of Street Ice Cream Vendors in Kathmandu Valley
Paneru, Indra Prasad
Urban centers are dynamic places for different business and exchange activities. Earning their livelihood by street ice-cream vending in urban Kathmandu is also a business for a group of people. This study examines the livelihood strategy and assets, socio-economic background, migration status, working condition and occupational vulnerability of street ice-cream vendors in Kathmandu valley. Master's Thesis at Tribhuvan University under the Geography Department Download
Livelihood Strategies of the Street Vendors
Bhattarai, Madhav
This study has been made among the street vendors of KM who are using the street public space and pavement of KM for their survival. Within the KM, Ratnapark-Asan-Indrachowk (core of city), Koteswor, Kalanki and Balaju Buspark (main entry points of KM) are selected as study areas. Among the street vendors, the study focused on watch and bag sellers. Among the watch sellers and bag sellers a sample of 64 was selected and asked some questions. Other vendors were observed on the field study. The major methods of primary data collection used in this study were questionnaires, field observation, focus group discussion and in-depth interviews. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Livelihood Strategy of Pode Community
Linkha, T.R.
Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Analysis of Forest Related Development Interventions in Highland District of NWFP, Pakistan
Tayyab, Muhamad
Global community has been discussing international forest policy issues within the United Nations system since the end of the Second World War. Since then, the forest sector has undergone many changes. The Millennium Development Goals and the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), for example, recognize that forests are critical to achieving overall sustainable development, reducing poverty, securing livelihoods, improving the environment, halting the loss of biodiversity and reversing land and resource degradation. Pakistan is also following the global agenda and several forest related development projects/interventions were carried out from time to time in forest rich mountainous areas. But very few studies are reported on the analysis of such projects on scientific basis. The present research project is therefore designed to critically analyze the forest related interventions in NWFP. Download
Tenancy System and Land Productivity in Masuriya VDC, Kailali
Rai, Kalawati
Land is more than just a physical entity for an agricultural society where access to and control over it determines the socio-economic structure and identity. The objectives of this study are to assess the income sources of the tenant farmers, to analyze the investment-production relation under the tenancy system, to analyze how the tenancy system affects the productivity of the land and to examine the power relations between the land tillers and the land owners. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Health risks related to wastewater reuse in Thailand using quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA)
Ferrer Duch, Aleix
In the context of the Work Package 3 (Health and Environmental sanitation)within the NCCR North-South, a conceptual framework has been developed using an approach combining health, ecological, socio-economic and cultural assessments. Master's Thesis at University of Basel Download
Indian agricultural development in the context of economic reforms
Künzler, Marion
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland "This work examines the influence of reforms in the 1990s regarding the agricultural development in India. Many studies have analysed the impact of these reforms but most of them focused on foreign trade or the industry and service sector rather than on the agricultural sector. [...]" Download Summary
Development of conservation agriculture: Application and spread
Schäfer, Natalie
Master Thesis at University of Bern Download
Condition and Value of Secondary Forest in Laos. An Analysis along a Gradient of Accessibility in Luang Prabang
Puwadej, Meknapapong
Master thesis at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Download
Assessment of Development Disparities in the Pangani basin
Lörcher, Sylvia
Master's thesis at University of Bern Download
Access to Health Care among Transhumant Fulani Pastoralists in Mauritania: Using the Health Access Livelihood Approach
Corradi, Corinne
The focus of this study was set on pastoralist's livelihood capitals as well as qualitative dimensions of access. Available resources were identified and impeding factors when mobilising those were described. The financial means for health care were found to be limited by pastoralists themselves, despite the possession of cattle and a milk selling contract to a dairy plant. Further, insufficient and unreliable transport possibilities, as well as certain shortcomings in the quality of health services were pointed out by pastoralists. Mutual understanding and communication between Fulani pastoralist and health care personnel was also found to be insufficient and impeding for accessing health care. Limited access was also related to economic structures on the market, social norms within Fulani society and individual strategies, depending for example on pulaaku, the Fulani code of conduct. The lack of infrastructure and medical supplies further did not contribute to the utilisation of health services, either. Master's Thesis at University of Zurich Download
Inclusive Land Policy and Human Security in Post-Conflict Situation: A Study of Parsauni and Pratapur VDCs of Nawalparasi District
Shrestha , Lisa
Land is a very strategic socio-economic asset in an agrarian economy where wealth and survival are measured by control of, and access to, land. It is also the source for inequity, power struggle and conflict. This study is thus carried out with an objective to examine the inter-relationship between access to land and human security in post conflict situation. It is found that the policy and power plays a significant role in creating land based inequities. The role of migrant landholders is found to be more significant in the armed conflict than the indigenous groups. The sole reason for armed conflict is found to be the land based inequities and power relation between the large and marginal landholders. However, the real actors are not satisfied with the outcome of the armed conflict as land based inequities are left unaddressed. As a consequence, they feel there are chances of another form of armed conflict. Masters Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Social Network Analysis of Stakeholders in the Context of Forest Related Development Interventions in NWFP
Kiran, Sadia
Pakistan is endowed with natural resources and forests are one of precious assets, but are exploited badly due to many socio-economic factors like poverty, political pressure, and lack of awareness leading towards poor decision making of majority of stakeholders. Despite the fact that numerous forest related projects and interventions in NWFP have been launched and implemented, the rate of forest depletion is still very high as indicated by previous researches. An exploratory analysis of social networks of stakeholders was undertaken because it has more significant implications for the success of a development projects/interventions or policy framework. The main objective of this research project was to identify and analyze social networks of stakeholders, their characteristics, roles, relationships with each other, perceptions and angles of perceptions etc. in the context of selected forest related development interventions (projects). Masters Thesis at Rawalpindi Arid-Agricultural University. Download
Domestic Workers in Their Living: A Study of Selected Localities in Kathmandu District
Gotame, M
The present study attempts to examine issues of domestic workers by analyzing their socio-economic status, gender division of labor and power relations in their working place. These are general but important and often ignored aspects of domestic workers. Their socio-economic status suggests that most are not poor, but there are varying reasons why they moved to urban areas and started to work as domestic workers, mostly by their parent’s choice. Domestic workers are mostly female. However, males too have entered this sphere. Therefore, the study’s conclusion is that the male invasion in the profession is narrowing the gap in the division of labor. A very positive sign is that the majority of the domestic workers are attending school. They are also allowed to use their free time for entertainment. Further, there has been a change in the way of addressing the owners, showing a change of attitude of the owners towards the workers. This change may be a positive first step towards a shift in power relations. Master Thesis at Kathmandu Tribhuvan University. Download
Analyzing the Effect of Economic Class and Status on Disaster Vulnerability in Parsauni and Pratapur VDCs of Nawalparasi District
Joshi, Surya Raj
Recently, there has been a shift in disaster Studies and the need to study disaster through sociological perspective is increasingly being stressed. However, in the context of Nepal the studies about these relations are rare. Being a society with long existing social disparity it is a matter of study if socioeconomic factors have played a role in influencing the vulnerability of people. The study found that social factors are major criteria for disaster vulnerability. Poor and marginalized people take disaster as a part of their life, while the richest have very little concern for it. Thus, the study concludes that poverty and different social and economical disparities are responsible for disaster vulnerability. Master Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Assainissement environnemental en milieu urbain
Koffi Kouame, Parfait
MSc thesis at Université de Cocody (Côte d'Ivoire) Download
Livelihood Options of Internally Displaced Girls in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj: Analyzing Risks and Vulnerabilities
Piya, Sulava
The present qualitative study focuses on the livelihood strategies of young displaced girls in two urban centers of Nepal, Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. The study attempted to highlight the livelihood options and strategies of those girls who had been forcefully displaced to urban centers. The attempt was also made to analyze the livelihoods of the girls with the use of two renowned frameworks - DFID's Sustainable Livelihood Framework and Rural Livelihood Strategies. Abstract of Master Thesis at Kathmandu University. Download
Interlinkages between Internal and International Migration: A Case Study of Migrants from Bajhang in Dhangadhi, Far West Nepal
Poertner, Ephraim
In Nepal, poverty, unemployment, demographic developments and political turmoil during the Maoist insurgency have fuelled out-migration to foreign countries as well as internal migration in the recent past. Both internal and international migration phenomena are little researched components of the demographic dynamics in Nepal, despite their relevance for the country’s socio-economic and political development. The interlinkages between the two types of migration are even less understood, although it is assumed that they often influence one another. Evidence from research on migration in Nepal has revealed that internal migration can lead to international migration and vice versa. This study focuses therefore on such interlinkages between international and internal migration and aims at unveiling how internal migration and labour migration to India are interlinked in the case of a migrant community in the urban Terai. Abstract of Master Thesis at University of Zurich. Download
Swiss Policy Actors in the Global Forum on Migration and Development 2011
Babel, Anna
The thesis explored how the main Swiss policy actors positioned themselves in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) 2011 under the chairmanship of Switzerland. The aim of the research was to identify the main policy actors in Switzerland who were active in the GFMD process 2011 and to disclose how they positioned themselves and what they contributed to the GFMD process and in return how the GFMD influenced the work of the main Swiss policy actors. Download
Securing Livelihoods in the Realm of Climate Change and Food Insecurity: A Case Study of Kaghan Valley
Safdar, Umair
This research study was conducted within the frame work of the Research Project RP2 (Livelihood Futures) funded by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR North-South). Kaghan Valley in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan is the case study area. The mountainous areas of KPK are characterized with the patches of agricultural fields and terrace farming; while subsistence livelihoods depend on agriculture and livestock in this region. These mountainous regions are extremely vulnerable to climate change and climatic extremes. It has been reported by different researches that farmers adopt various strategies to cope with the negative effect of climate change. This study was designed to analyze how small farmers cope with climate change and climate extremes and secure their livelihoods to achieve food security. Safdar U. 2012. Securing Livelihoods in the Realm of Climate Change and Food Insecurity: A Case Study of Kaghan Valley [Master Thesis]. Faisalabad, Pakistan: University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Download
Access to Water for irrigation in Post-Soviet Agriculture
Lindberg, Emma
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland For further information, please contact: Emma Lindberg
Santé, pratiques sexuelles et VIH/SIDA chez les adolescents dans les écoles en milieu urbain au Tchad
Nodjiadim, Abdias Laoubaou
Master's Thesis, Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg II, Strasbourg, France "Notre étude tente de comprendre les comportements, pratiques et attitudes des jeunes dans deux établissements scolaires au Tchad vis à vis de la sexualité et du VIH/SIDA et répond aux objectifs suivants : • Analyser les perceptions, attitudes et pratiques que les jeunes en milieu scolaire ont de la sexualité et des facteurs de risques d’infection à VIH ; • Identifier les comportements à risques chez les adolescents en milieu scolaire et les problèmes de santé sexuelle auxquels ils sont confrontés ; • Déterminer leur dynamique relationnelle en matière d’engagement pour un changement de comportement." Download
Investigations on Land Cover and Land Use of Gorno Badakhshan (GBAO) by Means of Land Cover Classifications Derived from LANDSAT 7 Data Making Use of RemoteSensing and GIS Techniques
Hergarten, Christian
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland This thesis assesses land and vegetation resources in the Tajik Pamir Mountains with the help of land cover classification derived from LANDSAT ETM+ imagery acquired in summer 2000 and ancillary data sources.
Factors Influencing the Gender Disparity in Primary School Participation
Schärer, Lilith
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland "This thesis examines the patterns of gender inequality in primary school participation and the different causes for the gender gap in primary school participation in the area of Lumbini, Rupandehi District, Nepal. Within the framework of the goals declared at the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000 of achieving universal primary education by 2015 and eliminating gender disparities in primary and secondary education by 2005, this study focuses on girls as a social group, which in Nepal, as in many other developing countries, is disadvantaged in educational opportunities. [...]"
Hydrological Patterns in the Tha Chin River Basin, Thailand
Walcher, Claus
"This thesis lays the focus on the hydrological patterns in the Tha Chin River Basin in Thailand. The study shall contribute to understanding the hydrological system of the Tha Chin River, as a contribution for a Material Flow Analysis (MFA). Existing hydrological data sets are analyzed and complemented by own measured discharge data, in order to quantify the discharge and the water balance of the Tha Chin River. In addition, strategies governing the regulations of canal and main river discharges are explained." Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland Download
Positionen im Aushandlungsprozess nachhaltiger Entwicklung
Aerni, Isabel
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland
Local Perceptions of Environmental Change
Fritschi, Astrid
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland For further information, please contact: Astrid Fritschi
Selling Flowers in Religious Places as Livelihood Strategy
Yadav, Deepak
Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Acces to Land Resources: Livelihood Strategy of Ex-Kamaiyas of Kailali District
Neupane, Mahima
Kamayia is an agriculture-based bonded labour system, practiced in the Terai belt of Nepal. This study attempted to understand the livelihood status and strategies, the vulnerability and coping strategies of Ex-Kamayias with a main focus on their livelihood strategies in combination with land resources. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Malaria
Michel, Anette
Master's Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland In this study, patterns of malaria distribution in Tajikistan were assessed with existing malaria incidence data from passive reporting systems. Spatial and seasonal distribution of malaria incidence was presented in a GIS, and the influence of main environmental factors was analysed. Results from analysing the correlation between monthly means of daily average temperature and malaria incidence imply that low temperatures limit malaria transmission seasonally and spatially in Tajikistan. Temperature appears to be the main driving factor for the seasonality of malaria transmission in the country. Three categories of risk zones were characterised and used to derive recommendations regarding geographical priorities in malaria control activities.
Classification of Landcover and Landuse
Guntli, David
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland Download
Condition d'Acclimatement d'Echinochoa pyramidalis (Lam.) Hitchc. & Chase et de Cyperus papyrus L. pour le Traitement de Bous de Vidange
Tsama Njitat, Valérie
Master's Thesis, Université de Yaoundé, Cameroun The main macrophytes that are used in constructed wetlands for treating faecal sludge or waste water in Europe and Asia are Typha spp. and Phragmites spp. Asia. These plants are absent in Cameroon. This study was designed to study the conditions of acclimatization of two indigenous species in Cameroon (Cyperus papyrus L. and Echinochoa pyramidalis (Lam.) Hitchc. & Chase cultivated in vertical flow constructed wetlands system fed with rough faecal sludge. Download
Implantation et dimensionnement d’une station de traitement des boues de vidange dans la commune de Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso)
Diagne, Etienne
Mater's Thesis, Ecole Inter-Etats d’Ingénieurs de l’Equipement Rural de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Download
Socio-Economic Study and Livelihood Conditions of Dalits of Geta VDC in Kailali District
Singh, Shristee
Dalits are considered as one of the most disadvantaged groups because the process of social stratification and job distribution in the past has resulted in their present socio-economic plight and their entire and perpetual backwardness. Hence, most of the Dalits even today remain poorest of the poor. Even though many of the Dalits carry on with their caste based and service oriented traditional occupation as well as agricultural work, the significant return to the service they render and landlessness have made them face appalling poverty. Therefore, the main object of this study was to examine the socio-economic and livelihood conditions of Dalits, their household level food security with respect to land holding size and their living standard. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Adaptation and evaluation of integrated rice and duck farming in the Hongdong Community of South Korea and the Poolmoo Schools
Rutz, Dominik
Knowledge empowers individuals with the choice to either use natural resources sustainably or to deplete them. This thesis uses the example of Integrated Rice and Duck Farming (IRDF) to shed light on how knowledge sharing and learning processes cross boundaries in order to enable sustainable natural resource use. These boundaries vary depending on the social and natural environment in which the knowledge is developed, shared and applied. Members of different groups or institutions engage in various forms of collaboration in order to share knowledge across boundaries, so that more sustainable usage of natural resources can be developed and applied. Download
Potentials and Limitations of Existing Technical Alternatives on Waste and Wastewater Management in Cat Bi Ward, Haiphong City, Vietnam
Bao, Pham Ngoc
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand "This study focus on investigation in details the potential and limitations of existing technical alternatives on human excreta and domestic wastewater management in Haiphong, with a case study in Cat Bi ward, where there is a huge potential for using of onsite and decentralised sanitations for human excreta and wastewater disposal and where people having high potential of willing to pay for wastewater and sanitation fee. SWOT analysis technique has been used in the evaluation process. [...]" Download
Factors from Diffusion of Innovations Theory Influencing the Adoption of Solar Water Disinfection
Heri, Simone
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland "In this study we examine a broad array of theory-based factors derived from diffusion research that influence the current use and intention to use of solar water disinfection (SODIS), a simple, low-cost technology for the treatment of drinking water on household-level. The perceived attributes of an innovation, the nature of the social system in which an innovation is diffused, the extend of change agents’ promotion efforts in diffusing the innovation and the nature of the communication channels were operationalized resulting in 16 variables to assess the use and intent to use of the innovation of SODIS. The aim of the study is to determine the influence of each factor and its predictive power. [...]" Download
Weltnaturerberegion Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn
Thurnheer, Olivier
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland
The Status of Public Agricultural Extension Services in Maharashtra
Bheemeshwar, Reddy
Master's thesis at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai The purpose of this study was to evaluate the status of public agricultural extension services in terms of it access, the investment incurred on it and to suggest certain measures for more accessible and effective agricultural extension service to support farmers of Maharashtra. Download
Geographic Analysis of Livelihood Strategy in Jagritinagar Squatter Settlement, Kathmandu
Adhikari, Rajip
The general objective of this study is to analyse the urban poverty issue from the livelihood and vulnerability perspective in Jagritinagar squatter settlement of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The specific objectives are: * to examine the socio-economic condition of the people of Jagritinagar squatter settlement * to explore the types of livelihood means * to assess the strategies adopted by the squatters * to analyse the vulnerability context of the people in Jagritinagar squatter settlement Abstract of Master Thesis at Tribhuvan University. Download
Climate Change and Floods: Vulnerability Analysis of People towards Disaster
Maharjan, Kiran
Although flood disasters devastate livelihoods annually, especially in the monsoon, diminution in havocs in the low lying areas of developing countries like Nepal does not seem to take place. As impacts of climate change are being felt in many parts of the world recently, the current study tries to analyze the biophysical as well as socio-economic vulnerability of people towards climate change and floods, clarifying the relationship between these two phenomena. Abstract of Master Thesis at Kathmandu University. Download
Assessment of on-site Sanitation Systems in Peri-urban Communities by Using Selected Sustainability Indicators
Jiawkok, Supattra
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand In her MSc thesis, Supattra Jiawkok assessed the existing on-site sanitation systems treating black water in peri-urban communities including (i) the one-cesspool system, (ii) the two-cesspool system in series and (iii) the package tank system at Muaeng Klong Luang Municipality, Klong Luang district, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. Download
Development of Database on Faecal Sludge Collection, Treatment and Disposal in Thachi, Chaopraya and Bangpakong River Basins, Thailand
Petchrat, Supapan
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand "At present, Thailand does not have action plan and appropriate policy for Fecal Sludge (FS) management and lacking of data on FS collection, treatment and disposal. Nevertheless, FS management has become the responsibility of local authorities. The purpose of this study is to develop database on FS collection, treatment and disposal in three main river basins in central plain of Thailand, namely, Thachin, Chaopraya and Bangpakong." Download
Situationale, personale und soziale Faktoren, welche die Absicht ein flussschützendes Szenario zu unterstützen, beeinflussen
Schnellmann, Ursula
Master's Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland The MSc thesis describes the factors influencing the preferences of different scenarios for the Tha Chin River in Thailand developed with Material Flux Analysis. The results show that the scenario views, the subjective social norms, the benefit aspects as well as the internal responsibility attribution are predictors of the intent of stakeholders to support specific scenarios for improvement of water quality. Download
Système d’Information Géographique et Planification stratégique des déchets solides de la ville de Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso)
Kenmoé, Joe Frazié
Master's Thesis, Ecole Inter-Etats d’Ingénieurs de l’Equipement Rural de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Download
Modelling the Water and Nutrient Flows of Freshwater Aquaculture in Thailand
Wittmer, Irene
Master's Thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland "The Tha Chin River Basin (central Thailand) faces major water quality problems. Among others, freshwater aquaculture was identified to be one of the pollution sources. This study looks at nutrient loads coming from freshwater aquaculture systems in the area. A model based on a material flow analysis was set up to quantify the loads to canals and rivers as well as to identify the key factors (parameters) that influence the system. The focus was placed on four different major cultivation systems. For all four considered systems, the amount of feed and nutrient concentrations in feed have the highest influence on the nutrient loads to the canal. [...]" Download
Material Flux Analysis for Waste and Wastewater Management Planning
Sinsupan, Thitiphon
Master's Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand This thesis describes problems as well as potential solutions in the field of environmental sanitation based on the analysis of nitrogen flows in the city of Pakkret, Thailand. Download
Removal of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) from greywater by using constructed wetlands
Huynh, Thi Cam Hong
Master's Thesis at Asian Institute of Technology Download
Identification and Analysis of Stakeholders in the Context of Forest Related Development Projects in Highland Districts of NWFP
Wattoo, Muhammad Arif
Despite various forest related development and extension projects had been implemented, the rate of forest depletion is still very high in Pakistan. Failure of most of the forest related projects and policies in meeting their intended objectives calls for investigating the underlying causes of the ineffectiveness of these projects. The study objectives included; i. To identify and characterize major stakeholders at multiple levels in the context of forest related development projects. ii. To assess the perceptions of stakeholders regarding poverty environment nexus. iii. To identify the interactions (affiliations) among different organizations and actors in terms of activities (projects) and institutions. iv. To assess sphere of influence of involved stakeholders and the objectives pursued by them with regard to poverty and to environmental functions and services. v. To suggest policy implications for improving the effectiveness of forestry extension. Abstract of Master Thesis at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Download
Energy for Gorno Badakhshan: Hydropower and the Cultivation of Firewood
Droux, Roman
Master's Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland This study provides an integral analysis of the energy situation and its consequences for land and energy resource use in rural areas of the Tajik Pamirs. It focuses on three main topics: (1) Energy consumption patterns at household and village levels, (2) use of micro and mini hydropower stations and their potential to relieve pressure on local biomass fuels, and (3) land degradation related to unsustainable energy resource use. Download
Stakeholder Responses to Climate Change in the Swiss Alps
Hill, Margot
Master's Thesis, Imperial College London, UK The Alps will experience some of the most pronounced effects of climate change due to a combination of their latitudinal positioning, altitude and unique eco-systems, placing socioeconomic stresses on alpine communities, particularly those that rely on seasonal tourism. How stakeholders need to respond to climate change within the Alps has been well documented in the academic literature, with studies focussing on measures to minimise damage on winter ski tourism and from increased natural hazards. During the winter of 2006/2007 there was increasing academic and media attention on the ability of mountain areas to maintain successful winter tourism. Studies into tourism adaptation within the Swiss Alps have so far focussed on the adaptation options and needs of different stakeholders. These concepts of adaptation measures were tested on stakeholders from the private and public sector within two case study areas within the Swiss Alps, both part of the communes of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jungfrau Aletsch Bietschorn. The qualitative methodology aimed to better ascertain the barriers to adaptation that local communities faced. Download
Street Sweeping as a Livelihood Strategy of Pode Community in KMC
Adhikari, Basant
Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Livelihood Options of Dalits, an Analysis with Reference to Land Resources
Adhikari, Samana
Dalits are considered as synonymous to landlessness. They do not have enough land to support their family. They have to depend on landlords for their subsistence. Many studies are conducted on the issue of Dalit, their empowerment, caste untouchability, their access and control over resources. However, no reports have been found addressing their livelihood options or about the decent jobs they can perform. This study has attempted to examine the various options available and adopted by the Dalits and their level of standard within their own community. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Livelihood strategy of the street food vendor in Kathmandu city: A case study of Jawalakhel, Gongabu and New Road Area
Pandey, Soney
In Kathmandu City, there are many Street Food Vendors selling pre-cooked, packed food and food to be cooked on the spot. Most of the Street Food Vendors are migrants from rural areas of the country and usually poorly educated or illitarate. This study attempts to examine the socio-economic conditions of Street Food Vendors, their livelihood strategies, the vulnerability of their context and the consumers' perception of the street food. Master's Thesis at Kathmandu University Download
Elaboration d’un schéma directeur d’alimentation en eau potable de la commune de Dourtenga (Burkina Faso)
Diouf, Modou
Master's Thesis, Ecole Inter-Etats d’Ingénieurs de l’Equipement Rural de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Download
Migration and Livestock Farming: Competing or Complementary Livelihood Strategies
Schoch, Nadia
The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to the breakdown of a complex economic system and resulted in a huge economic crisis and rising poverty in Kyrgyzstan. As a consequence, predominantly economically motivated migration became an important livelihood strategy to diversify the sources of income. Remittances sent to the remaining relatives have become an essential income source for many households. Besides labour migration, livestock farming with the use of pastures remains important for rural ivelihoods. Though, evidence from research reveals, that on the one hand livestock farming is increasingly financed through remittances. On the other hand, migration leads to absence of work forces on household level. This setting of either complementing of competing livelihood strategies in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan are analysed within this study. The aim of the study is to understand the effects of migration on household organisation and livestock farming. Download
Climate Change and its Impacts on Agriculture: Farmers' Perception and Adaptation Measures: A Case Study of Jagatpur VDC of Chitwan District
Maharjan, Roshna
Climate change is a global problem with local impacts. The poor are hit hardest and are most vulnerable to its impact, as they cannot afford mitigation measures. Poor and marginalized people live on marginalized land, which makes them more vulnerable to disasters brought about by climate change such as floods and landslides. The changes in rainfall patterns and temperature have made agricultural production risky. A large part of Nepal’s population depends on agriculture and therefore even a small change in climatic conditions affects the lives of people to a high extent. Master Thesis at Kathmandu University. Download