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Die Bedeutung imaginativer Geographien im Kampf um "Gorkhaland"
Bishokarma, Miriam
Keywords: Strategic imaginative geographies, Imaginative geographies, ethno-symbolic resources, ethnoscape, regionalisation, ethno-regional movements, India, Darjeeling, West Bengal Download
The geography of welfare
Epprecht, Michael
PhD Thesis, University of Bern, Switzerland For further information please contact the author
Worlds of difference, different worlds: geographies of globalization
Backhaus, Norman
This article introduces current human geography research at the Department of Geography in Zurich around the notion of geographies of globalization. After mapping out a conceptual landscape of geographies of globalization as worlds of difference, three collaborative research areas are introduced which share a commitment to north-south-relations and a concern for processes of uneven development and fragmentation: «People: Migration», «State: Frontier» and «Economy: Geographies of marketization». The first studies the multi local connections and social spaces of migrants, the second explores the intricate relationship between state, territory and the question of where «the state ends» and the third is concerned with the emergence of market orders and their uneven spatial and social expansion. Keywords: globalization, flat ontology, migration, frontier, marketization. Backhaus N, Berndt C, Korf B, Müller-Böker U. 2012. Worlds of difference, different worlds: geographies of globalization. Geographica Helvetica 67(1-2):77-84. Available here: Geographica Helvetica