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Milk consumption patterns in an area with traditional milk production.
Hetzel, M.
Revue Africaine de Santé et de Productions Animales 3(3-4):174-177.
Effect of washing and disinfecting containers on the microbiological quality of fresh milk sold in Bamako (Mali)
Bonfoh, Bassirou
"The present study aimed to improve the microbiological quality of the milk, from the cow’s udder to the selling point by container washing and disinfecting. The total counts (TC), Enterobacteriaceae counts (EBC) were used as quality indicators. [...] The study suggests that in milk production area, besides udder infection and water quality, hygiene behaviour with respect to hand washing, container’s cleaning and disinfection are the key areas that remain of relevance to milk hygiene intervention." Food Control 2006, Vol. 17, Issue 2, pp. 153-161 Available from: ScienceDirect
Taux sérique de rétinol chez les femmes nomades pastoralistes tchadiennes en relation avec la teneur en rétinol et en carotène dans le lait de leur bétail
Zinsstag, Jakob
"Human serum retinol and livestock milk retinol levels were assessed as part of a study on the health status of Chadian nomadic pastoralists and their livestock in close partnership between Chadian public health and livestock institutions. Of the examined women (n = 99), 43% (95% CI 33 – 54 %) were retinol deficient (levels from 0.35 ?mol/L to 0.7 ?mol/L) and 17% (95% CI 10 - 26 %) severely deficient (Médecine Tropicale 2004, Vol. 64, No. 5, pp. 478-481 Download
Operational plan for small scale milk producers in peri-urban of Bamako (Mali)
Bonfoh, Bassirou
Journal of Sahelian Studies and Research (12): 7-25.