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World globalisation, sustainable development and scientific cooperation
Bolay, Jean-Claude
"Development-related questions have been raised periodically for over forty years. Development cooperation, in its turn, is also controversial, especially since its role is to make good intentions real, i.e. transform them into projects, programmes and other policy instruments generating investments that are much more pertinent than mere declarations of intent. Starting from an overview of the links between the profit-oriented trends of the globalisation process, and the non-profit aims pursued by the ''development cooperation world'', this article outlines the specific role that the scientific community plays or will have to play in international exchanges in order to steer the fundamental changes that contemporary societies are going through for the benefit of the greatest number." The International Journal of Sustainable Development 2004, Vol. 7, No.2, pp. 99-120 Available from: InderScience
Slums and Urban Development
Bolay, Jean-Claude
"The slum is not only a manifestation of mismanaged urban planning in the countries of the South. The existence of slums worldwide is also a sign that the slum is a crucial element of contemporary urbanisation. This article will attempt to define this phenomenon and understand its causes. Adequate policy responses are then suggested. Without finding appropriate solutions to the housing problems of a majority of urban dwellers, public and private decision makers will not be able to meet the challenges of sustainable development." The European Journal of Development Research 2006, Vol. 18, Issue 2, pp 284-298 Available for purchase from: Informaworld
Peuples indigènes et citoyenneté en Amérique latine
Hufty, Marc
In: Géraldine Froger, editor. 2006. La mondialisation contre le développement durable? Bruxelles, Peter Lang. pp. 181-197 Order from: Peter Lang Publishing Group
Globalización e intermediación urbana en América Latina
Dilla, Haroldo
Santo Domingo, FLACSO-República Dominicana
Globalisierung und Agrarproduktmärkte in Kerala
Véron, René
"Der mit Landwirtschaftsressourcen gut ausgestattete südindische Bundesstaat Kerala ist seit Jahrhunderten in den Weltmarkt eingebunden. Aber selbst in der heutigen Phase der Globalisierung und Liberalisierung weisen die Märkte für Keralas Agrarprodukte Merkmale auf, die nicht nur internationale Verhältnisse zwischen Angebot und Nachfrage widerspiegeln, sondern von zahlreichen sozialen und politischen Institutionen auf verschiedenen räumlichen Ebenen geprägt sind. Solche „real existierende globale Märkte“ werden im Beitrag am Beispiel von Cashew und Kautschuk besprochen." Geographische Rundschau 2004, No. 11, pp. 18-24 Order from: Goegraphische Rundschau
Intermediate cities in Latin America
Bolay, Jean-Claude
"Urban agglomerations continue to be defined primarily by spatial and demographic criteria which signal their position within the domestic and international urban networks. We consider that these criteria are overly static, and lack indicators of both the potential inherent in medium-sized cities, and the risks they are prone to. On the occasion of a research action project conducted jointly with the Urban Management Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (PGU–ALC/HABITAT), we attempted to gain a deeper understanding of medium-sized cities in order to see more clearly what varied relations they entertain with their immediate or more distant environment. [...]" Cities 2004, Vol. 21, No. 5, pp. 407–421 Available from: Science Direct
Worlds of difference, different worlds: geographies of globalization
Backhaus, Norman
This article introduces current human geography research at the Department of Geography in Zurich around the notion of geographies of globalization. After mapping out a conceptual landscape of geographies of globalization as worlds of difference, three collaborative research areas are introduced which share a commitment to north-south-relations and a concern for processes of uneven development and fragmentation: «People: Migration», «State: Frontier» and «Economy: Geographies of marketization». The first studies the multi local connections and social spaces of migrants, the second explores the intricate relationship between state, territory and the question of where «the state ends» and the third is concerned with the emergence of market orders and their uneven spatial and social expansion. Keywords: globalization, flat ontology, migration, frontier, marketization. Backhaus N, Berndt C, Korf B, Müller-Böker U. 2012. Worlds of difference, different worlds: geographies of globalization. Geographica Helvetica 67(1-2):77-84. Available here: Geographica Helvetica