Challenges and a way forward
Utzinger Jürg, Daugla Doumagoum Moto, Tanner Marcel, Wyss Kaspar, N’Diékhor Yemadji, Singer Burton H.
"Health impact assessment (HIA) of projects, programmes and policies is increasingly recognized as a powerful methodology for mitigating negative health impacts and enhancing equitable and sustainable development, yet applications in the developing world are sparse. Here, we focus on a large infrastructure development in sub-Saharan Africa, namely the Chad–Cameroon petroleum development and pipeline project. We adapted a five-step process for HIA, consisting of (1) screening of project documents, (2) profiling of affected communities, (3) identifying priority health areas, predicting potential impacts, and proposing mitigation measures, (4) implementing interventions, and (5) monitoring and evaluation of health impacts. [...]" Environmental Impact Assessment Review 2004, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 63-93 Available from: ScienceDirect
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